Welcome to Reverie – An interpreters Blog

The idea behind reverie is to share some interesting morsels from my reflective journals, they are quite an eclectic mix, but it all relates to my work as a sign language interpreter, honest.

It was an interesting article in issue 73 of Newsli, July 2012 (Newsli is the magazine for ASLI) about how reflective writing can improve your interpreting practice, which got me started.  I found that writing things down helps me organise my thoughts and develop solutions. You know the old saying “a problem shared is a problem halved” even if you are only sharing with yourself. Starting this blog is just taking my writing one step further, and I think I will probably learn more from reviewing my journals, second or even third time around! 

I am sure you are aware that there are some issues within interpreting and professional practice to which there are no easy answers.  Some problems take longer to solve. Hence reverie – daydreaming, the title of my blog. It is about reflective thinking, contemplation, allowing my subconscious to be working away on the issues around interpreting. This is a good thing, creativity and the generation knowledge cannot be rushed!

What can you expect to find on Reverie? It’s an eclectic mix, but it will be about sign language interpreting, professional practices, and my personal experience from the areas where I work, which are mainly medical, education, and religious domains. The relationship between interpreters and client is confidential. No confidences will be broken and no secrets will be revealed here.

Thank you for reading my first post, you are welcome back anytime.

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